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    • 數顯調速器

    • 數顯調速器

    尺寸與特征 Dimension and Characteristic

    接線圖 Connection Diagrams

    使用方法 Method of Use

    操作步驟 Operation :


    The speed control unit and the lead wire connector of the motor are connected and then teh plug cord is conected to AC power. When the RUN/STOP switch of the control unit is switched to RUN, then it is turn clocdwise, (The product is made so that it will rotate in the clockwise direction. Howeve, at times, due to gear ratio the direction of rotation for the gearhead shaft is opposite (counter-clockwise)).

    不同的速度 Variable Speed?。?


    If the SPEED VOLUME switch of the control unit is turned turned number of rotation of the motor increases and if it is turned counter-clockwise, slows down.It is possible to control and designate the speed of the motor between90~1350rpm.

    關閉 Stop?。?


    If the RUN/STOP switch of the control unit is switched to STOP,the motor stops. This switch is not an on-off switch for power. When the motor nedds to be stopped for a long time, a separate power source should be installed and turned off.